How GMAC Supports Eyecare Professionals

GMAC understands the burden myopia is placing on today’s eyecare professionals. Our goal is to promote public awareness of myopia,  encourage parents to regularly get comprehensive eye exams for their children, and advocate for the use of treatments that have been shown to slow the progression of myopia. We stand behind you as strong advocates in order to make the best use of your skills and drive better outcomes.

See Us In Action

“GMAC is working hard to find creative ways to raise public awareness about myopia and the importance of identifying and proactively treating myopia.”

Nathan Bonilla-Warford

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, FIAOMC
Children and Family Optometrist, Bright Eyes Family Vision Care

“GMAC is shining a light on the importance of children’s eye health.  If not treated, myopia can make a significant impact on eye disease later in life.”

Vance Thompson

Vance Thompson, MD
Founder, Vance Thompson Vision

Pediatric Eye Health In "Sights"

Eye Health In-“Sights” Infographic

Need more resources for your practice? Download these insights to educate parents on important eye health milestones and new myopia treatment options for their kids.

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We are committed to educating
both parents and children about
the importance of early access
and regular eye exams—in addition to more time outdoors. We also
offer timely resources so parents
can come prepared when visiting eyecare professionals.

Limit Screen Time


Since 2019, GMAC has launched 5 successful consumer outreach campaigns dedicated to raising myopia awareness. To date, we’ve garnered more than 800M impressions 2.2M influencer video views with 100% message pull-through, showcasing the impact of our messaging and reach.

Get Outside


GMAC advocates on the global, national and local levels to influence policy by pooling our resources and partnering with those equally committed to preserving the vision of children. We’re equally invested in driving new patients into your practice to leverage your skills and training.