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Sight Sanctuary

GMAC’s newest challenge encourages families to prioritize their eye health and create a screen-free
outdoor space – just like the ones parents grew up enjoying.

Introducing Sight Sanctuary

Remember the good old days when kids played outside until dusk? Rode bikes in their neighborhoods?
Made snowmen in their front yard?

This year, we’re encouraging you and your family to tap into nostalgia and get outdoors with your very
own Sight Sanctuary—a place for your kids to have fun away from close-up work and screens which can
strain the eyes.

Did you know that close-up activities (i.e., screen time, reading a book, etc.) and less time outdoors are
factors that can increase the progression of myopia, also known as nearsightedness? In fact, studies
have shown that the risk of myopia is 3.5 times greater when kids spend more than 7 hours on screens
per week.

This winter, try creating one of these outdoor Sight Sanctuaries with your family:


A dedicated space for snowball fights or winter sports


A hangout around the backyard fire pit


A treehouse where your kids can let their imaginations run free

Winter break is also the perfect time to schedule an eye doctor appointment for your kids and ask about
new myopia treatment options – beyond conventional contacts and glasses.

Scroll to find more myopia information and resources to help guide those conversations with your eye doctor.

Pediatric Eye Health In "Sights"

Eye Health In-“Sights” Infographic

Learn more about important eye health milestones and new myopia treatment options for your kids.

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Download the eye doctor discussion guide.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to ask your child’s eye doctor. Download the eye doctor discussion guide and discover just what to say in your next myopia conversation—which is the most important one you can have for your child’s future vision health.

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