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Summer 2022 Featured Campaign

Screen Staycation

Kids who spend more time outside reduce their risk for myopia. Check out fresh tips to put down the screen and make the most of long summer days.

Focus on Summer

Summer is made to soak up the sun, which is great for eye health — just 76 extra minutes outside a day can reduce the risk of myopia by 50%. But with today’s options, kids can easily spend their time off indoors, playing on devices and doing near work.

Join our hottest challenge yet — take a Screen Staycation and go 24 hours without interacting with any screens at home!

To help your family make the most of your tech timeout, try one of these outdoor activities:


Play Frisbee: Heads up! Your kids can exercise their vision both near and far as they toss this disc outside.


Fly a Kite: A timeless classic. Run it, fly it, eye it! If your kids are having a hard time seeing the kite up high, it may be time to visit the eye doctor.


Hide and Go Seek: Ready or not, here you come! The perfect game to test your children’s vision, as well as their creativity when it comes to hiding spots.

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen, and most importantly, have fun!

Download the eye doctor discussion guide.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to ask your child’s eye doctor. Download the eye doctor discussion guide and discover just what to say in your next myopia conversation—which is the most important one you can have for your child’s future vision health.

Download the Guide

Ways parents can get involved

Get Outside

Get Outside

Limit Screen Time

Limit Screen Time


Talk to Your Eye Doctor

Look Closer

Wondering why myopia matters and what it means for your child’s future vision health?